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Changing the spark plugs on a 2002-2003 Maxima is not for the average do-it-yourself-er because it requires removal of the intake manifold upper and lower collectors and the ignition coils, but with a little patience and care it can be done.  This guide shows how to do it with the simplest of tools. 


Here is a simple how-to on changing your In-Cabin Micro Filter on any 5th-Generation Maxima.


I have a new email address!  For those wishing to contact me, my address is now gregp@greghome.com.


Installed an Injen Cold-Air Intake.  This is an excellent design that does not require any cutting or drilling.  Check out the install pics.


Maxima Transverse Link Recall Pics.


Check out these mirror bras for the 5th-Generation Maxima!


Added a few more pictures of the Pathfinder undercarriage, and the ingenious maintenance-minded oil-filter design.


I was so impressed with the VQ35DE engine, I bought another one, this time in a 2002 Nissan Pathfinder SE.  This is such a terrific, smooth motor in the Maxima, and it is just as good in the Pathfinder. 


Maxima Meet in Jersey City, NJ.


I had the car re-dynoed today to examine the gains made from installation of the UDP.  The results are interesting, to say the least!


Today I had the car dynoed by Unorthodox Racing in Deer Park, NY.  The reason for performing the dyno runs was to get baseline wheel horsepower and torque figures for the VQ35 engine in the Maxima, in order to judge realized gains from any future performance modifications.   The car had 1360 miles on the odometer at the time of the dyno, and had no engine, intake, exhaust or other performance modifications whatsoever.  Click this link to see a writeup on TODAY'S DYNO RUN.

After the dyno runs where completed, the car was test-fitted for an underdrive pulley.  It was Unorthodox's desire to see if the underdrive pulley designed for the VQ30 engine would also fit on the VQ35.  Click this link to see a short writeup on the UDP FOR THE 2002 MAXIMA, and the interesting results of this prototype/investigation..


Added the Stillen FSTB.  After all of the hype about the new Stillen 3-point FSTB, it turns out the design was no good because the firewall is not strong enough to support the side-loads, so we are back with the original (and much better) design, which I installed on the car. 


After about 1100 miles, I changed out the factory transmission fluid and replaced it with Red Line MT-90.  This stuff works miracles on the transmission, and allows the shifter to engage much more smoothly, for crisper and faster shifts.  The 6-speed tranny in the 2002 is slightly different in layout and oil capacity from the 1995-2001 5-speed transmission.


Installation pics of Stillen Rear Sway Bar (RSB) on 2002 Maxima.  I couldn't let a good suspension mod go to waste, so I put the RSB from my '99 Maxima on the new car.


After a 3-month plus wait, my 2002 Maxima SE 6-speed finally arrived!  It came off the truck on 2/13 and was ready for pickup today.  The car is very smooth and powerful with the 3.5-liter V6 mated to the 6-speed.  There are many gadgets and features - the manual for the navigation system alone is as big as the one for the entire  rest of the car!


Check out the 2002 Maxima SE


I am slowly returning the car to "semi-stock" status as far as the performance and handling modifications are concerned.  The distinct possibility exists that you may be seeing a 2002 SE grace these pages soon.


HUGE turnout for the Liberty State Park Meet on June 3.  Last count was 110 Maximas, maybe more.


I installed a set of Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines.  Not a difficult job, but it takes about 4.5 hours to do.  Say goodbye to mushy brake pedal feel!


Stillen B-Pipe Install Pics and opinions.


Check out the 2002 Nissan Altima at the New York Auto Show!!!  WOW.


Due to major problems with my prior Web Hosting Service, the site has been moved to DELLHOST.COM.  It's a little more expensive than The Jungling Company, but I think you get what you pay for.  After a few years' experience with the prior company, I finally got so fed up with their horrible service and support that I just gave up.  10 days of my site being down was the last straw.  So, if you're thinking of hiring a company to host your web site, stay away from fly-by-night operations like The Jungling Company!!


Updated Y-Pipe section to comment on some of Stillen's new developments.


Updated comments on Unorthodox Racing UDP.  Rumors, misinformation and myths dispelled once and for all!!!


Thanks to Bruce (y2kse) on the Maxima Forum for supplying the Instruction Sheets for the 5th-Generation Maxima Stillen High-Flow Intake.


Added pictures from the 12/3/2000 NorthEast Maxima Meet at the Toys R Us on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn NY.


I added an initial cut at a Nissan Parts List that I have been putting together for quite some time.  It basically is an organized list of all the Nissan OEM parts I have used on the Maxima so far.  Hope others find it helpful.


Added article which appeared in December 2000 Issue of Sport Compact Car on the 2000 Eibach STe Maxima with JWT turbocharger.


Added section to dispel some myths about the infamous MAF Sensor Mod.


Updated Stillen High-Flow Intake how-to with more pictures.  I have been meaning to update some of the older (pre-digital camera) sections of the site as time permits.  I took the filter off to clean it and figured it was a good opportunity to take the rest of the intake apart to photograph it for y'all.


Moved the Maxima Coupe concept car to the Musings section.


The ingenuity of Maxima owners everywhere never ceases to amaze me.  Here is Brian Vogelsinger's homemade FSTB for his 1997 Maxima SE.


I went to KOOKS Custom Headers in Bay Shore L.I. and had my Courtesy B-Pipe modified to remove the restriction which has annoyed me since the day the pipe was installed.  They did a great job.  Check out the install pictures for my modified Courtesy B-Pipe.


I have updated some of the poorer quality photos on the site with better quality digital images.  For a short while when I started this web site I did not have a decent digital camera.  Exactly which pages were updated is too numerous to name, but hunt around - I'm sure you will find them.  They are mostly under the "Modifications" area.


Due to overwhelming requests via email, I have posted the name and phone number of the car audio dealer where I bought the CD Changer.


Due to comments received via email, I corrected and re-scanned all of the Stillen instruction sheets for the FSTB, RSB and High-Flow intake.  The files are larger, but are now crystal clear and will print out nicely.  I also added the section on drive belt tensioning and tightening from the shop manual.  Thanks for all of the suggestions!


I redesigned the navigation system slightly, grouping all mods together and placing them under their own navigation level.  I also added a new section with illustrations and procedures from the factory service manual.

bulletRandom Technology Super High Flow Cat
bullet Courtesy Nissan Stainless Steel B-Pipe

Pictures of 20th Anniversary 2001 Maxima 

bulletPictures of new Stillen Y-Pipe design.
bulletHayden auxiliary transmission cooler install.
bullet4th-Gen Maxima SMASHED.  But good news....

Installation of Speed Bleeders


Analysis of Courtesy B-Pipe restriction issue. 


Cattman Stainless Steel Y-Pipe "Quiet Flex" Prototype #2  


Northeast Maxima Meet at Liberty State Park, NJ.


Maxima 2-Door Coupe Concept Vehicle??!!


Stillen Maxima PPG Pace Car - New York Auto Show, 2000


Cattman Stainless Steel Y-Pipe Prototype #1 Install for CA/NLEV restricted emissions 99/2K Maxima


Stillen Stainless Steel Muffler Install


Added Modification Summary


Added section on PIAA Superwhite Bulbs.


Added Stillen instruction sheets for High-Flow intake (Stillen High-Flow Intake), Front Strut Tower Brace (Front Strut Tower Brace), and Rear Sway Bar (Rear Anti-Roll Bar).



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