1990 Oldsmobile Delta-88
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The Olds as it looked back in yr. 2000

1990 Delta-88 Sticker.jpg (273648 bytes)This was the first brand new car that I bought at a dealership.  I took delivery on December 7, 1989, and paid around $20,000, which at the time seemed like a lot of money, especially since I had none.  I swore I would never pay that much for a car ever again.  Ten years later, I spent $32,000 on a 1999 Nissan Maxima SE.  I still have the old Olds and it runs as good as it did when it was new.  I couldn't justify parting with something that was so reliable - more than most people I've met.  Nothing seriously mechanical ever breaks on it.  It is bulletproof - 108,000 miles as of February 2000 and still going.  Except for some serious redesign work I did on the sound system (twice) the car is as bone stock as it was ten years ago.  I wish I had taken some pictures of it when it was new, but I don't think cameras had been invented yet.

Update: July 13, 2002.  With 131,828 miles on it, the car has been sold!

Photos and Modification Work Performed So Far:

Interior & Exterior Photos
Stereo and Amp Mods

Future Modifications Planned


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