1999 Nissan Maxima SE
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The Max as it looks today

1999 Maxima Sticker.jpg (216868 bytes)I bought the Maxima in September of 1998.  Soon thereafter, I got the "modification" bug and started to do some improvement work on the performance and handling of the car.  It's not that it really has a problem in either of these areas - on the contrary the car performs and handles very nicely right off the lot in stock trim.  What makes this car beg for more is the fact that there is so much hidden potential in the system.  The car is well-engineered, extremely simple to work on, and accepts modifications easily.  Plus, I am having fun doing this.  With a few exceptions, so far I have performed most of the performance, handling and stereo modification work myself. 

Update : February 16, 2002.  With 24,227 miles on the odometer, I traded in the car for a 2002 Maxima SE, 6-speed.

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